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Helix Autosport

Helix Autosport Organic Clutch & Flywheel kit for Gen 2 MINI

Helix Autosport Organic Clutch & Flywheel kit for Gen 2 MINI

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The Helix Autosport Performance organic clutch and lightened single mass flywheel kit is an ideal performance upgrade for the generation 2 MINI Cooper S and JCW.

The kit uses a heavy duty pressure plate coupled with a high performance organic drive plate material to deliver a torque capacity of 343 Nm for the clutch and single mass flywheel kit.

Helix ‘Heavy Duty Cover Assembly’ has a higher clamp load (pressure) than the standard cover plate, which can cope with higher torque and increased engine rpm that a modified engine will have. The clutch also has a firmer clutch pedal feel for quicker gear changes. The Organic Drive plate (clutch plate) features a sprung centre which is suitable for road and light track-day use. The design features damper springs arranged radially around the hub centre which together with the facing segments provides progressive engagement and a greater degree of clutch control. The organic facing material is the best high performance material available. Capable of withstanding 252lb/ft of torque (343Nm). If greater torque capacity is required, consider the Helix Autosport Performance 6 Paddle clutch and flywheel kit.

The Helix Autosport single mass flywheel is lightened over standard, at 6.2 Kg versus the 12.6 Kg standard dual mass flywheel allowing for performance improvements. The reduction in rotating mass allows for improved acceleration and pick up.

The Helix Autosport single mass flywheel and organic drive plate kit will display single mass flywheel chatter which is evident on starting the car. 
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